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We're closed for winter break. Shop our products in the meantime!

As a holistic pillar of strength in our community, we have and will continue to curate a valuable assortment of classes, workshops, events and retreats that will explore and cultivate the connection between your mind, body, heart and soul.  Enhanced personal development, healing and a sense of peace are all welcomed by-products of our explorations.

Take a look below at the offerings we have available today.

Be sure to click the link for details and register to join in!

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**1-on-1 Pole Lessons By Request - Outdoor Open Air**



Each Wed 5-6:30pm we will offer a

virtual session for one of the follow:

Virtual Pole Conditioning: Length and tone your muscles while ramping up your strength to execute your favorite moves on the pole with power and grace!  Link will be provided after registration is confirmed. 60mins

Virtual Stretch Thru Stress: Relax and breath while you stretch and meditate through your midweek stress. Link will be provided after registration is confirmed. 45mins

Virtual Chair Dance: Style varies from sensual, video vixen to hip-hop head each session.  Link will be provided after registration is confirmed. 60mins 


Guided Meditation: Online group session. Guided meditation and sound healing. All levels welcomed. Headphones suggested. Sun only at 7pm. Link will be provided after registration is confirmed. 45-60mins | Free, Donation Based

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(No walk-ins/drop-ins, advanced registration required)

(No walk-ins/drop-ins, advanced registration required)

Class Descriptions

We're closed for winter break. Shop our products in the meantime!

We're are currently offering the above in series sessions. Contact us to sign up, let us know what you're interested in! 

No walk-ins/drop-ins, advanced registration required.

Afro Beats: Fusing high energy African urban dance styles with hip-hop to the tunes of influenced by Yoruba music, house music and funk. 60mins  | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members

Breathwork & Mindful Meditation: Take moment to alleviate stress, depression, anxiety and more through active breathing to help shift the focus inwards. In this class you'll learn to regulate your state of mind, and create a sense of calm and purpose. 60 mins | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members

Classic Contemporary: Express yourself & release built up energy in this dance class. We'll connect your mind and body through a combinations or dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. All levels welcome. 60mins | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members

Full Moon Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation: Sit back and allow the sounds of crystal singing bowls to wash over you. This mediation will help balancing your chakra system and align your mind, body, heart and soul to the energy of the moon. 45mins | $8 Members/$10 Non-Members

"Heeling" Techinques - Heels Class & Floorwork: Heal through movement & explore spicy heels techniques & choreography. Bring your heels! 60mins | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members

Joy of Movement & Dunham Technique: Experience the joy that comes along with movement & dance. We'll explore a holistic system of movement, the Katherine Dunham Technique, which includes references from ballet, modern, jazz, and various dances of the African Diaspora. 60mins | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members

Joyful Jazz Dance: Bring some joy to your life through jazz dance. Explore rhythmic movement, isolations of the body & cross floor progressions in this introduction to jazz dance class. 60mins | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members


Kemetic Yoga: Enjoy an ancient Egyptian flow of healing and regenerative yoga based upon the practices of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation. 60mins | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members


Levitate: Flying Pole Experience: We're the first to introduce classes using cool & unique free hanging pole apparatus that combines pole fitness with aerial skills. Come experience our flying pole for yourself! All levels welcome. Intermediate & advance levels suggested. 75mins | $10 Members/$18 Non-Members


Meditate & Make: Print Making: Creating art is another therapeutic way to access a meditative state of mind and experience profound healing from depression, trauma and illness. In this workshop you'll get in touch with your senses using various materials with different textures to create textured patterns. 120mins | $34 Members/$42 Non-Members

Musical Theatre: Broadway Basics Workshop: Learn proper dance technique while exploring the various dance styles used in Broadway shows, such as broadway style jazz and ballet. 75mins | $10 Members/$18 Non-Members

New Moon Meditation: A New Moon is a time to plant seeds of growth. Journey within and experience a night of manifestation. 45 min | $8 Members/$10 Non-Members

Pole Flirt: Suitable for beginners, this class explores pole play, spins, transitions and some flirty pole dance choreography. 60mins | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members

Polga: A fun combination of pole dance and varying styles of yoga including acro yoga.  Challenge yourself as you strengthen your body and relax into meditative stretches. 60min | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members


(Polga In The Park) is pole & yoga jam session that is free (donation suggested) and open to all levels of the public. Sessions last 120-180mins, weather permitting. You are free to come and go at your own leisure.)

Self-Centered Yoga: Reconnect with your body and breath while purifying your mind through a powerful and meditative Vinyasa yoga flow. 60mins | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members


Soulflow Sunday Retreat: Disconnect from the world and reconnect with your mind and body. Enjoy an in-town retreat day full of restorative yoga, meditation, inspiring activities, rotating speakers, delicious food & drinks. 120 mins  | $29 Members/$39 Non-Members.


Soulful Sunday Flow Yoga: Relax into your being as you connect your mind and body with your soul through a relaxing flow of restorative and Hatha yoga. 60mins  | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members

Sound Healing Midweek Mediation: Take a break from your busy week & discover a world of healing sound vibrations that are sure to help you recenter & battle the stresses of life. Many people report feeling deeply relaxed after this immersion into the healing world of sound. 60 mins | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members.

Trap Contemporary: We're premiering a NEW style of contemporary dance with this class! Join us as we combine traditional contemporary style with hip-hop techniques & trap music. All levels welcome. 60mins | $10 Members/$15 Non-Members

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Past Offerings & Events

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Bed Dance Workshop 2.png

Bed Dance Workshop


Holistically speaking, sexual health includes psychological, emotional, intellectual,

physical & spiritual. In StL's first ever Bed Dance Workshop, we'll explore areas of sexual health,

body positivity & introduce you to your confident self.

We'll blend exotic dance, sensuality techniques, yoga & flexibility that will surely help you relieve stress

& spice up your life! No dance experience is necessary.

February 21, 2020 

Ladies Only 6:30-8p | Couples 8:15-9:45p

$25 Per Session Per Person

$35 With Aphrodisiacs


Tantra Meditation


If you're interested in finding ways to deepen the connection with your partner and explore higher levels of intimacy, then this workshop is for you! In our

Tantra Meditation workshop we will guide you through opening your heart space, tapping into your energies and allowing your souls to connect.  


Experience what it's like to truly be together in a moment of time and space. No meditation experience is necessary. 

February 10, 2020 

Two Sessions 6:30-8p & 8:15-9:45p


$25 Per Session

$35 With Aphrodisiacs

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To schedule your Lunch & Learn, click below!

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New Moon Float Promo.png

New Moon Float Retreat

This is an evening you don't want to miss!! This is not your typical float trip. Enhance your Kokoro (mind, body, spirit connection) in a tranquil float tank. Experience your most complete relaxation ever.

A light meal, drink & group meditation is included. 

September 1, 2019 | 5-8pm | $78


Journey within and experience a night of manifestation. A New Moon is a time to plant seeds of growth. Join us to learn about the moon energy during this phase.   

New Moon Meditation

September 1, 2019 | 2-3pm | $10

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